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Deace’s Daily Top Three – February 25th, 2011

In National Politics on February 24, 2011 at 10:50 pm

My top three most interesting stories of the past 24 hours.

Treason never prospers, what’s the reason…Because when treason prospers none dare call it treason. For further evidence that what’s happening to America isn’t socialism but fascism, which is when big government and big business get into bad together, comes this story that also may explain why the private health insurance industry didn’t raise nearly the fuss over Obamacare as they did Hillarycare back in the day.

Huckabee takes aim at Romneycare…Joining a chorus of conservatives who are publicly criticizing the former Massachusetts governor for his Ted Kennedy-backed government healthcare plan called Romneycare, which included an Obamaesque mandate to purchase insurance and taxpayer-funded $50 abortions, Mike Huckabee lays the smack down in his new book and its accompanying media tour. Of course, Huckabee and Romney were bitter campaign rivals in 2008 and could be again in 2012 (although I don’t think so).

Not so fast?…Earlier this week in this space we applauded the Pence Amendment in the U.S. Congress, which would have eliminated federal funding for Planned Parenthood. However, now comes word from our friends at American Right to Life that this effort isn’t all its cracked up to be. Read their report and determine for yourself what you think.



Deace’s Daily Top Three – February 24th, 2011

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My three most interesting stories of the past 24 hours.

This is how it’s done...HF 330 would seek to restore the rule of law in Iowa as well as marriage, while also putting the Iowa Supreme Court in its proper and constitutional jurisdiction. Of course, attempts to do so has all the right people annoyed, offended, and lashing out, which is just further proof of how righteous this legislation actually is.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry…This week the police department in Bradenton, Florida arrested a 20 year-old Texan named Joshua Lee Joehlin for engaging in a lewd and lascivious act with a minor. While that unto itself is sad, it wouldn’t be necessary except that the police report lists Joehlin’s religion as “red neck.”

Wisconsin update…Wisconsin state troopers were dispatched Thursday to try to find at least one of the 14 Senate Democrats who have been on the run for eight days to delay a vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to strip collective bargaining rights from nearly all public employees. Nonetheless, State Democrat leadership says they’ll remain on the run until Walker shows a willingness to compromise. Meanwhile, the state assembly  appeared close to voting on the union rights bill after two days of filibustering the measure with a blizzard of amendments.

Deace’s Daily Top Three – February 23rd, 2011

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My top three most interesting stories of the past 24 hours.

Scratch another one off the list…I sat through a presentation David Barton of Wallbuilders gave a couple of years ago when he used incontrovertible data to prove that the notion of social conservatives and fiscal conservatives is a false dichotomy. Instead, Barton proved that once a politician compromises on the issue of life, it’s just a matter of time until they compromise on the issue of money as well. The most anti-life politicians are also the biggest government ones. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, considered a potential 2012 presidential candidate, is the latest example. In 2010, Daniels made national headlines calling for a “truce” on issues like life and marriage to focus on fiscal issues. Now comes word that Daniels has gone ahead and compromised on a core fiscal issue — the issue of right to work. Yet again, once someone disregards the sanctity of life they’ll disregard the sanctity of everything else. Another problem for Daniels here is that the most take-no-prisoners advocacy group the Republican Party has is Right to Work, and if Daniels decides to run for president they will be relentless in coming after him.

What, baby butchers lie? Who knew…A Kansas official just testified under oath that in investigating notorious baby butcher George Tiller, who was gunned down at his church in 2009, he found 144 cases of girls younger that 14 years old receiving abortions from either Tiller or Planned Parenthood. However, this official says he found only one case out of those 144 when either Tiller of Planned Parenthood of Kansas reported a case of child rape. Hmm..

A taste of their own medicine…Texas State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst is my newest hero. She just filed a bill in the Texas State Legislature that would allow any state law enforcement agency to drop off an illegal alien taken into custody at the office of a U.S. Senator or Congressman and leave him there. The bill doesn’t determine what said federal elected official not doing his job of securing the border is supposed to do with the illegal in question, but does require Texas law enforcement to keep a record of exactly how many they’ve dropped off into the custody of the federal elected officials.

Deace’s Daily Top 3 – February 22nd, 2011

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My top three stories of the past 24 hours.

Deadly Earthquake in New Zealand…Registering at 6.3 on the Richter Scale, this is the deadliest earthquake suffered by that country in over 70 years. As of tonight there are least 65 known dead and unknown scores of others trapped in the rubble and wreckage of its aftermath. Worse, the quake hit right during the rush hour of Christchurch, the second largest city in New Zealand.

Counter-rally planned at Iowa State Capitol…As we reported yesterday, Iowa’s Labor Unions are planning a solidarity demonstration at the statehouse today. Now comes word that some grassroots Tea Party activists in Iowa are planning a counter-rally called themed “We Surround Them” for Noon today across the street from the West Capitol Steps.

Not Backing Down…Amid a much-publicized walkout by State Senate Democrats, new Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans in that state’s legislature showed no signs of backing down over their controversial attempts to reign in the power held by the state’s labor unions.


Deace’s Daily Top Three – February 21st, 2011

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My three most interesting stories of the past 24 hours.

Optimism turns to skepticism…At least that’s the theme of the latest numbers in the Des Moines Register’s “Iowa Poll” if you believe the numbers. The company that conducts the poll says Iowans are giving Terry Branstad “no honeymoon” and over half of them are skeptical that Branstad can achieve the lofty economic ambitions he campaigned on last fall. Then again, if you’ve seen Branstad’s first timid steps towards revitalizing the Iowa economy, it appears he shares that skepticism.

Labor Rally at Statehouse Planned for Tuesday…On the heels of the spectacle occurring in Wisconsin the past few days, labor activists in Iowa are planning demonstrations in favor of “workers rights” at the Statehouse on Tuesday in Des Moines. The theme of the rally is “We Are One” and is specifically designed to target proposed policies by the state’s new Republican leadership that unions oppose. No word on how the labor unions plan on demonstrating the importance of their members’ labors since they’re taking time off from work to demonstrate instead.

These guys get it…Whether they’re for real or just doing it for show and tell, the newly elected Republican majority in Congress knows how the game is played. They continue to take on the Obama agenda in ways that both fires up their base and differentiates themselves from Obama, even though pretty much everything they’re trying will go nowhere in the Senate once they pass it. Nonetheless, if you get a chance to thank your Republican Congressman for three amendments that strike a real blow against the Left please feel free to do so. The amendments would end funding for the baby butchers, Obamacare, and trumped up global warming hysteria.



Iowa Smackdown

In Iowa Politics, National Politics on February 20, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Note, the full text of this article originally published in The Washington Times can be found here.

Over the years, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing within the ruling class and media intelligentsia about the prominent role Iowa plays in the presidential campaign thanks to its first-in-the-nation caucuses.

Iowa is too white and too religious for their liking, and that means we’re out of the mainstream to many of these folks. Take 2008, for example, when the media anointed Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mitt Romney as the ones to beat in that caucus cycle. Instead, both of those well-funded front-runners were dealt crushing defeats from which their campaigns never recovered.

Conventional wisdom tried to explain away Mike Huckabee‘s victory as simply identity-based politics courtesy of Iowa’s massive evangelical population mind- lessly flocking to the polls to vote for one of their own. However, that doesn’t explain Barack Obama‘s upset win in a state that lacks racial diversity, and it also doesn’t explain the surprising showings of Catholics like Alan Keyes and Pat Buchanan in past caucuses that were just as dominated by evangelicals.

Though it is true that Iowa is a very white state whose political grass roots are dominated by Christian conservatives, the collective gnashing of teeth by the ruling class about the Iowa caucuses misses the point of why so many upstarts do well in Iowa. If you’re not from Iowa or have never spent any meaningful time here, it’s something you wouldn’t understand.

Despite the fact Iowa is in many ways a throwback to a bygone era of Americana, it also is a state with a mean independent streak. Case in point: Registered independents have outnumbered both Republicans and Democrats for several years. Furthermore, while the rest of the country zigged with insurgent conservatives in 2010 primaries, Iowa zagged, going its own way and largely sticking with the party establishment.

Iowans do not like being dictated to by anybody, especially pretentious outsiders who think they know better simply because they come from places with more traffic and less fresh air. On the one hand, we Iowans are eager to claim any native son or daughter who leaves home and makes it on the big stage, yet on the other hand, we’re darned proud that most Iowans elect to stay home and not even try.

We want to be accepted by the best, but we don’t need to be.

Iowans take great pride in their first-in-the-nation role, and they also take that responsibility very seriously. Iowans meticulously vet candidates on the issues and make an effort to look them in the eye and size them up in person. While the ruling class and media intelligentsia simply look at fundraising numbers and endorsements and then tiers the candidates accordingly, Iowans refuse to allow candidates to hide behind such things and, instead, compel them to reveal their true character and worldview.

Not to mention that while Iowans recognize the importance of being the first step in the process, they also realize that the first step is just a step nonetheless. Therefore, Iowans at times will give a boost to candidates who may not have the wherewithal for the long haul of a presidential campaign but whose voices on certain issues deserve a national hearing they wouldn’t get without finishing strong in Iowa.

This is where those of you interested in seeing the Republicans nominate a true contrast to the leftist policies of the Obama regime in 2012 – as opposed to the next milquetoast old white guy in line the GOP typically nominates for president – come in.

To read the rest of the article click here.

Deace’s Daily Top Three – February 17th, 2011

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The most interesting three stories of the last 24 hours.

Well, that settles it…The debate over government healthcare is finally over. All this time we’ve been waiting for someone with real wisdom and moral authority to settle this divisive debate, and finally the most powerful voice in the culture has spoken. Teen sensation of the moment Justin Bieber tells Rolling Stone he’s going to remain a Canadian and never become an American citizen because we’re “evil” since we don’t have a single (government) payer healthcare scheme like his homeland has. Well, if he really believed that why didn’t he just say so and get the argument over with already? Why read the Constitution or listen to the American people when we have Bieber to guide us? It should be noted that in another interview with Conan O’Brien he also said he was pro-life.

Ominous…For the past few years a preemptive strike by Israel against Iran for its quest for nuclear power has been speculated upon, but the news that the Iranians are planning to deploy their warships near Israel for a year may be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back if it indeed materializes. Israel is calling this proposed move “a serious provocation.”

Priorities people…I know what you’re thinking, this is the key issue at the moment. Of course, I’m referring to the need to stop Major League Baseball players and managers from having a dip during the game. What, you say, we have far more pressing matters to attend to given the decline of our nation? You must not be two Democrat U.S. Senators who think otherwise.

Deace’s Daily Top Three – February 16th, 2011

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The top three stories that have captured my attention the past 24 hours:

Equal Time…Since we suggested the coverage the Democrat-leaning Washington Post gave to CPAC earlier this week, it’s only fair to give similar recognition to a Republican mouthpiece when it does an equally decent job covering the same story. Craig Robinson at The Iowa Republican did some really solid analysis of what’s happened to CPAC and what happened to those who were there that is definitely worth a read.

Freudian slip?…In discussing his latest crappy budget at a press conference on Tuesday, President Barack Obama accidentally let slip the “s-word” when he meant to say “share.” The subconscious is a terrible thing to waste.

Only in Iowa…There may not be a state in the union that loves aging incumbents more than Iowa does. Case in point, The Des Moines Register reports that Governor-for-Life Terry Branstad has been around so long he’s eligible to collect both a six-figure salary as the state’s chief executive as well as his pension for his previous decades of public office at the same time.

Deace’s Daily Top 3 – February 15th, 2011

In Iowa Politics, National Politics on February 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm

The daily rundown of the three most interesting stories of the past 24 hours.

As usual, Republicans only rip big government en masse when it comes from Democrats…Here is an outstanding summary of President Obama’s latest morbidly obese budget, as well as the political fallout some Democrats sense is coming their way of they sign onto it. Republicans, who often went along with former President George W. Bush’s unconstitutional big government spending schemes, are rightly sounding the alarm now that it’s not their party on the hook for it. The money quote in the piece comes courtesy of Jake Tapper from ABC News: “At no point in the President’s 10-year projection would the U.S. government spend less than it’s taking in.”

Democrat proposes cuts in education…State Senator Matt McCoy, who in the previous legislative session proposed school consolidation of rural districts in Iowa, is now proposing that the state eliminate more than 200 school superintendent positions which could save Iowa taxpayers upwards of $40 million. No word yet on whether or not he’ll be described as a heartless wretch in the media for suggesting this.

The GOP’s version of the texting ban?…Remember last year when many of us rightly panned Democrats for fiddling while Rome burned during the 2010 legislative session, toying around with a silly ban on texting while driving while the state economy was collapsing? Apparently with flag burning and dove hunting no longer chic, now Republicans in control of the Iowa House are spending time debating a repeal of Iowa’s 1978 bottle bill. Perhaps those in the GOP caucus in favor of impeaching the three remaining State Supreme Court justices should take heed of this news the next time someone on their “team” says we can’t defend the Iowa Constitution without creating a needless distraction?


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For the time being the kindly powers-that-be at WHO have decided to leave my old podcasts and blogs up on their website.

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