Deace’s Daily Top Three – February 18th, 2011

In Iowa Politics on February 17, 2011 at 8:14 pm

My three most interesting stories of the past 24 hours.

Up in Smoke…State Rep. Clel Baudler has been cleared of ethics charges for his ill-fated attempt to purchase medicinal marijuana in California last spring. Baudler claimed he lied to a doctor to obtain the prescription in order to prove his point that California’s marijuana laws are rife with abuse. Baudler, a former state trooper, never filled the prescription.

20% Tax Cut Approved…The Iowa House has passed a 20% across the board tax cut, which would be one of the largest in state history. All of the present Republicans voted for it, as did a couple of the Democrats. It now faces the scrutiny of Iowa’s twin governors — Mike Gronstal and Terry Branstad, two men who have a history of being in favor of tax increases.

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us…The 5 Browns is a talented group of five homeschooled brothers and sisters who are all gifted and skilled musicians that has sold millions of classical music albums. On Thursday in a Utah court their father pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his daughters and is facing at least 10 years of prison and perhaps even life imprisonment.




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