What Time Is It?

In Humor on February 15, 2011 at 11:32 pm

By the time I get to Arizona or you read this, whichever comes first, rapper Flavor Flav could end up being an Iowa high school graduate if he has his way.

But before receiving his diploma Flavor Flav, otherwise known as William Drayton, must successfully fight the power in Clinton where he recently opened a fried chicken restaurant. It will be harder than you think for the hip hop star since apparently the educrats there have determined they can’t truss it since Drayton is a 10th grade dropout.

Drayton is reportedly hoping to film a reality television show in the otherwise quiet eastern Iowa hamlet of less 27,000 people, but the townspeople there don’t believe the hype that this is the kind of exposure they want so they’re trying to shut ‘em down.

However, before you scoff at this idea consider this: Flav could be the ideal person to receive a high school diploma in Iowa given the fact that nearly every urban high school in the state is below federal achievement requirements in key subjects, and the tragically pitiful academic performance of Iowa’s black student population.

In an era where challenging kids, particularly minority ones, to reach their God-given potential or face the consequences is considered harsh, Draconian, and intolerant, Flav represents exactly what government schools are producing in most urban districts in America today—a lost soul ill-equipped to contribute to society in any meaningful way and comes across as illiterate at first blush, only to solidly confirm it once he starts speaking. Statistics prove that if it were not for rap music it’s likely a black, 10th-grade dropout like Drayton would eventually become a ward of the state—either through welfare or the prison system.

Its stories like that which forms the central thesis to Waiting for Superman, one of the 10 best movies I saw in 2010.

This must-see film chronicles in vivid detail the dysfunction factories that urban school districts in America have become. This generation of ineffectiveness has created a real human toll beyond the jaw-dropping dropout and academic failure statistics. That’s because behind each of those numbers lies a real human being, created in the image of God and put on this earth for a purpose.

Beyond the tragedy of seeming human life needlessly wasted in a society as prosperous as ours, their unrealized expectations have eroded the quality of our work force, while simultaneously placing further burden on those already picking up their slack to now pick up the tab for their access to the welfare state as well. Any nation, community, organization, or movement is only as good as its human resources, so the loss of such capital is an incalculable opportunity cost.

On top of that, now imagine the offspring these statistics will sire and the ruined relationships that come from these dalliances and unplanned pregnancies and you can start to see how this could become a generational cycle of dysfunction threatening both the moral fabric of a nation as well as its economic stability.

Which sort of sounds like exactly where we’re at as a nation now, does it not? When you look at it from this reality perspective, and not from the imaginary lens of one of Flavor Flav’s contrived “reality” TV shows, this ceases to be a laughing matter.

Chances are government education is a joke in your town, and the joke is on us.


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